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Terms of Use

For purposes of this Terms & Conditions, “Las Palmas” shall refer to Las Palmas Tours and Travel Agency, Inc. and “User” shall refer to an individual who will use the site for booking purposes.

1. Use of this site shall constitute an express acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set forth herein, including own and governing terms and conditions that are specific for certain products and services offered. Any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions in general and for specific product or service, the terms and conditions of the latter will prevail. Please read carefully and understand these Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

2. Contents of this site is either owned, or may have been copyrighted to, Las Palmas or other various third party providers who provided such materials. Reproduction and copying without prior permission from Las Palmas or such other parties that may own the content of this site is not allowed.

3. User of this site shall only make legitimate transactions and not for any other purpose that may include speculative, false, or fraudulent reservations; shall not give misleading information and shall not perform, using this site, any act inimical to others and against the law.

4. User of this site will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her password or user ID, and shall be fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password or user ID. User must ensure to exit from its account at end of every session, and immediately notify Las Palmas of any unauthorized use or breach of its password or account.

5. User agree that the Statement of Privacy (separate link) is reasonable. While Las Palmas is committed to protect your privacy according to the highest consumer standards, it is the User ultimately, who has the full control of personal information provided.

6. Las Palmas may from time to time monitor and review information received through this site and reserves the right to sensor, edit, or remove such information that are inappropriate or in violation of the Terms and Conditions. User agree that should he/she submits suggestions, ideas, comments, queries, or any other information on this site, he/she grants Las Palmas a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, publish, distribute, display, and otherwise communicate to the public such content in any form, media, or technology.

7. The site cannot distinguish actual age. The User represent that he/she is of legal age to use this site and create binding legal obligations, and understand that he/she is financially responsible for the use of this site. Immediately contact Las Palmas should a parent/guardian believe that a minor has provided in this site his/her personal information.

8. Las Palmas acts as an agent for third party providers. By indicating your acceptance (Contract) to purchase a product or service, you waive your rights to challenge the validity or enforceability of the Contract entered into on this site on the grounds that it was made in electronic form instead of by paper that are signed and/or sealed. Users warrant that they have the capability, proper documents, and is not prohibited by law to purchase and utilise certain products/services. Users must not indicate acceptance to purchase where they have no intention to complete the transaction.

9. User are solely responsible for checking the details of purchase, such as dates, time, and names, before proceeding to payment. Las Palmas and third party providers shall rely only on the information contained in your booking.

10. User represent that he/she read the Cancellation Policy (separate link) of Las Palmas. Bookings that are requested and finalized seven (7) days prior to travel date must be paid within 24 hours upon confirmation of booking. Bookings requested less than seven (7) days prior to travel date must be paid in full before any request for confirmation is initiated.

11. Booking requests that have been fully paid but were not confirmed, or for any reason declined by Las Palmas or third party provider, will be refunded in full, less utilised monies, if any. Las Palmas, however, shall not be held liable for any resulting loss, damages, or compensation arising there from.

12. Any change to confirmed booking is subject to charges applicable to specific product or service. For any change in confirmed booking, please call our customer service during office hours (9:30 am to 4:30 pm Mondays to Fridays/9:30 am to 12:30 pm Saturdays).
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MANILA: (02) 400-5916 ~ 19, 523-6884
MAKATI: (02) 840-1363 ~ 65, 810-0107 ~ 08
CLARK: (045) 458-0663, (045) 458-0689
SAN FERNANDO: (045) 435-1177, 1977